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Forum Thread: Nsw Firearms Licence Application

Vigil Training College is a Vocational Education Organisation. Collage offers a lot of course for people which could assist them to gain skills and knowledge to apply at the workplace. Courses are NSW Security Licensing course, Security and Risk Management, and a range of short course that includes White Card, Provide First aid, CPR, RSA and RCG course. VTC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accredited by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority). Our RTO Number is 40877.

Forum Thread: Senelda - IT Traning Academy

Senelda, a leading IT training academy in Chennai offers job training and placement to all potential talents. Here, students are trained with real-time project implementation. Our inhouse expert team, specialized in on-demand web and mobile technology will be in-charge of handling courses.

Forum Thread: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

If it was literally any other question, we would just say "Okay Google" and find the answer right away. How many times a day do you use Google? I can't hear your reply but I'm going to assume quite a lot. Whether it's a new recipe, a to do guide or an academic research, Google comes to our rescue. It's not just a search engine but a solution to all kinds of issues. I remember, even one of my professors in college, kept telling us "just Google it." Look at that, it even became a verb. Well, Go...

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