Forum Thread: How to Study Medicine in Europe

I will explain to you how to pursue studying medicine in Europe. There are many countries to study medicine in English, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Cyprus, Ukraine.

We guarantee you a place at Medlink Students agency. So you don't wait a second year to re-apply over and over again at home, we will do everything to get you the acceptance at one of the best and most prestigious universities according to your grades such as varna medical University, Bialystok Medical University, or Carol Davila of Bucharest.

The courses are tested and taught fully in English, with a local language class a few times a week to help you integrate into the country and culture.

You will be studying at one of the top universities in Eastern Europe. Even if you have low grades, we can still get you into another top university as we do have internal links with many Medical schools in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Ukraine and many more.

You'll be studying medicine in one of the biggest medical campuses and largest university hospitals in Eastern Europe.

You'll have an exciting additional safety net, as opposed to the small limitation of four university courses that UCAS allows. Medlink Students has been featured in many articles such as University of Huddersfield's graduate who started Medicine in Europe company. Medlink Students has also been featured by the British Council student recruitment agent and Prospects' dental medicine in Europe article.

Yearly Tuition fees will start from €3500 per anum.

— Medicine in Ukraine

Living expenses are extremely low, you can live so comfortably on under €400-300 per month.
This will be an amazing backup and safety net as we will guarantee you the acceptance with Medlink Students agency.
Europe is vibrant, safe and beautiful, a true culturally enriching experience.

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