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The very question that converts dreams into nightmares of many parents is where to admit their child or which school should they opt for the admission of their child. Even if they find the school then the question arises whether they will be able to get leaves of few days from their offices. Lifestyles of people have changed. Unlike earlier, people are busy with their everyday lives. Sparing a single day is a big matter for them. In such circumstances, child's admission in the school takes their all breath away and leaves a cloud of worries for the parents.

Schools are numerous in any corner of the country. But to find out a good school is tough and every parent wants their children to pursue the best possible education. Moreover the modern parents are more technological advanced. As a result, they dislike when it comes to going school two to three days for the admission of their kids. For their convenience, there are many sites that help the parents to apply for their desired school and submit the application forms online. One of the reliable sites is onlineschooladmissions. Parents are allowed to buy the application forms from the site and submit them online. But before that, they need to register themselves with the site. Once they are registered, a confirmatory mail is sent to them. A long list with the names of the registered schools could be found on the site. One according to his wish can apply and submit application form to the school online.

A small research should always be done before taking a decision of choosing a specific school. The site has a positive point and that is, it provides information to the parents about the schools and its background which provides a platform to the parents to know about the schools in detail without even visiting there. The site is of great help for the parents as it saves lots of time and even does not charge so heavily. If any of their application forms get rejected, in that case parents are being informed through SMS or e-mails. There are counselors of the site with whom parents are allowed to consult about the schools. The day of interview is scheduled by the site itself. The parents along with their kids need to be present in the school on the day of interview.

Some of the top schools in Mumbai that are members of the site are Naval Children School, located in Mumbai is a reputed offers education from Nursery to class X; R.N. Podar School, an English medium co- educational school which also offers education from class Nursery to class X; Ryan International School, another English medium co-educational school. All the above mentioned schools are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), though schools that are affiliated to other boards are also the members of onlineschooladmissions. is a web portal that helps parents in making the journey of their child's admission in school a smooth one. If you are on the look for schools to admit your kids but have no idea of where to start from, stop worrying. The site helps you with filling up the forms, submitting them and scheduling a date of interview for your child.

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